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New Retail Leaders are distinguished senior Retail executives and experts who belong to an exclusive international community that connects regularly to build a vision of the future of Retail, and understand how technology and innovation will help get there.

An international digitally connected community

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Thought Leadership

Envisage and discuss about the next revolution of Retail through exclusive stories, data and research

Inspiring Keynotes

Understand the current and future trends to expect for Retail through key opinion leaders, insightful business cases and expert talks


Premium Networking

Connect with industry leaders and executive peers in a close-knit, cheerful and comfortable environment through top-notch event

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Improve personal and corporate branding by getting the support an an international and exclusive network of Retail executives and leading influencers

New Retail Leaders is an initiative by Proximis in the light of Retail’s ongoing upheaval after coming to the realisation that Retail key stake-holders were not ready to face the changes brought about and the trends accelerated by the pandemic. Despite large investments made on online infrastructure, few e-shops are yet able to meet customers’ new buying behaviours. Moreover, with stores forced to close or limit footfall, omnichannel has taken a toll. After building expertise over the past decade through multiple Retail projects and delivering Unified Commerce projects across various cities, Proximis wanted to give the opportunity to bold and enthusiastic Retail Leaders to learn and share practical business cases around innovation and technology that will be shaping the future of Retail.




The Renaissance

When reality is unpredictable, the biggest jeopardy is not taking any risk. Indeed, in the uncertain prevailing climate, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is failure to reconsider the way things are done and inaction.

Risk nonetheless ought to be measured and the New Retail Leaders come together precisely to gather thoughts and insight to make sure they are well-informed as they take major decisions for their businesses everyday. If you are a Retail Activist, you have a place amongst the New Retail Leaders community which will serve in helping you to better envision and prepare for the Retail Revolution.

New Retail

The adage “age of digital disruption” has never sounded more appropriate than currently. As the world is changing at an unstoppable pace, we believe keeping an open-mind and open-eye, just like one would on a chess board, is crucial for the Retail Leaders who understand the importance of planning the next move ahead. The New Retail Leaders will tackle the question of Retail Revolution and join their minds to share about best practices in the New Retail age.

Testimonials from our Power Leaders

“Bringing the best minds together, in Retail today, to share our experiences to help each other keep up with those changes is going to be critical and is going to be a great benefit”


Michael Zakkour

Author “New Retail:Born in China, Going Global”

“The New Retail Leaders will bring us all together and give us an opportunity to discuss the future tech that is coming but also what is available today”


Chris Browne

Former Global Retail Director, Ted Baker






Memberships are extended to Senior Retail Leaders working with Proximis from some of the following renowned brands

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