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New Retail Leaders are distinguished senior Retail executives and experts who belong to an exclusive international community that connects regularly to build a vision of the future of Retail, and understand how technology and innovation will help get there

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The community is a trusted environment allowing New Retail Leaders to connect and bond with fellow Retails and industry experts

By participating to events and joining the New Retail Leaders Chat group, Leaders are able to:

  • Become part of an exclusive circle of international retail leaders
  • Network with the most accomplished retail experts and industry peers
  • Benchmark with retail innovators and key opinion leaders
  • Gain actionable practical insights and reflect on the latest trends

Senior Retail Leaders use the community for the benefit of their day-to-day businesses as they:

  • Gather strategic insight and valuable resources for their retail business
  • Analyse their company’s strengths and weaknesses in the light of discussions
  • Avoid possible errors/losses by learning from other members’ contributions
  • Improve their company’s branding by getting the support of an exclusive network of Retail leaders

Retail Experts and Key Opinion Leaders use the community for the benefit of their expertise as they :

  • Debate with senior retail executives about their observations
  • Obtain practical insights and practices from the real life business cases
  • Expand their international reach and network

Get relevant feedback on their views from fellow experts and senior retail leaders



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Become a New Retail Leader if

  • You are currently occupying a strategic role for a retail company or have demonstrated expertise in the retail sector, and 
  • You are willing to engage and share with industry peers and experts
A Word

From Philip Bianchi, CEO

“The dramatic context of Covid has brought to the daylight the failing level of preparation of most retailers in the face of this situation, and this despite those millions invested in e-commerce over the past couple of years. Like for the rest of the world, this pandemic has a hard impact on retailers and brands, who are seeing their ability to respond largely diminished. At Proximis, we believe the consumer is the key. It is urgent for Retail Executives to reconsider choices made before the crisis and focus on the promise given to consumers.

We created the New Retail Leaders community to provide a unique place for sharing best practices with peers, empower each member with practical and expert knowledge, support each one with an unprecedented international professional network.”

– Philip Bianchi