Joining the New Retail Leaders can only be done only upon invitation.

The community brings together the most prominent retail and brand executives from around the world for truly unique opportunities to connect and share about the best practices of New Retail.

The exclusive gatherings will provide Leaders with context to broaden their thinking in the light of the strategic decisions they need to make every day, and take a deep dive into the thought leadership, power play moves, and emergence of new business cases reshaping the Retail industry.

Each event will unite a forward-thinking and influential group of BtoB, DtoC, BtoBtoC product retailers, brand leaders and founders, Opinion leaders, and select keynote expert speakers.

If you are currently serving as a senior decision-making stakeholder of a Retail company? If you have pedigree in the Retail sector? If you are unequivocally a New Retail Leader? Please send us an email to ask for more information and get involved.

In case you already know a member, just ask for a recommendation and we will get in touch.

If you would rather get in touch with us directly, kindly fill the contact form below. We would love to hear from you.

The New Retail Leaders is an initiative by Proximis.