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How does physical retail tackle the “technology” question when it comes to improving customer experience?

Quoting Eric Ries, entrepreneur and author of The Lean Startup, “success is not delivering a feature, it is learning how to solve the customer’s problem”. It would be legitimate to think that with the advent of the digital age, retailers found a wide playground to work on ways to enhance customer experience. There have been […] Read more

The pandemic has made digital pervasive

Details: One effect of the pandemic that has hit the world in 2020 & 2021 is an increased reliance on digital channels, in terms of communication, work, commerce and more.  McKinsey estimates that companies have accelerated the digitisation of supply chains and customer interactions by three to four years, and their portfolios of digital ... Read more

In France, the preferred channel is brick-and-mortar shops

Details: The physical point of sale is not dead . This is the observation made by Samsung in its 3rd Smart Retail barometer. The results confirm the trend observed in the previous edition: physical commerce remains the preferred channel for the French. Thus, 50% of consumers go directly to the store when they have a […] Read more

Is Social Media really as important as we think it is for retailers and brands?

According to some, the social media craze will eventually come to an end whereas for others, it is simply impossible to imagine a life without it. Irrespective the side onto which you are though, the impact of social media on every aspect of our lives is unquestionable. It has changed both our personal and professional […] Read more

The newest generation is all about Stores

Details: For the NRF, IBM has just unveiled a study on the behavior of generation Z according to which 98% of Generation Z Shop in Stores. Generation Z, which includes young people aged 13 to 21, obviously makes full use of the web. Thus, 74% claim to spend their free time on the web, spending […] Read more

Building a new vision of Retail

The intention of this article is not to predict the future nor will it be the goal of the New Retail Leaders. The denomination of our project might sound stagy but that is not the intent either. Our aim is rather to celebrate the people who work in retail and shed light on their daily […] Read more

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Unified commerce,
the only way forward

2020 has been a challenging year for the retail sector: with the lockdown and restrictions, shops closing down are a real threat for the industry. The importance of digitising the point of sales and create a unified and smooth consumer journey is not to be undermined as it is crucial.

Despite the accelerated growth of e-commerce over the past year, consumers are still very keen on buying in-store. At the same time, new trends confirm that brands must constantly reinvent themselves to stay in the race.  

This whitepaper gathers interviews with retailers, integrators and influenceurs in the retail sector who discuss the evolution and future of the retail sector and the importance of Unified Commerce today.

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